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The Lodge now has an installed Almoner in Brother John Rowley. Obituaries and details of sick brethren should be advised to him or  through this site to the Brother Secretary of the Lodge. The assistance of members in this process would be greatly appreciated.

Obituaries 2018

Brother Harry Fairley

Brother Roy Ford

Brother Roy Wardlaw Brother

Brother George Penman

Brother John Geddes Harkins

Brother John Carson

Brother John Leishman

Brother Donald Smith (39) (Reg Visitor)

Mrs. Cynthia Crosbie

Obituaries 2019

Brother James Webb (affiliate)


02 January 2018

28 February 2018

15 March 2018

10 June 2018

07 August 2018

04 September 2018

08 October 2018

21 November 2018

09 December 2018


10 February 2019












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