email Terms and Conditions of Use

It is important to note that under no circumstances should any attempt be made by Scottish Constitution brethren to correspond, whether by e-mail or otherwise, with any other Grand Lodge recognised by the Grand Lodge of Scotland or by any Daughter Lodge under such other Grand Lodge (unless the necessary formal approval has been obtained beforehand), for so doing would contravene accepted Masonic protocol.

The following points present some simple guidelines for e-mail usage without setting out particular styles or rules.
Rather they comprise an attempt to highlight important issues affecting electronic mail.

  • Never send anything you would not wish to see the next day in a newspaper or in the media.
  • Avoid sending any confidential messages, remember how easy it is to forward a message others may consider to be confidential
  • Avoid sending messages when angry or upset. Case law has established that emails are a legal record of conversations and exchanges.
  • These messages may come back to haunt you.