Lodge Dolphin No 911 History, the first 100 Years 1900 - 2000 and beyond

A limited number of printed copies of the 'First 100 Years'  in booklet form are now available from the Lodge Secretary priced £10.00.


I recall the day that a copy of the abridged “History of Lodge Dolphin”, as contained in the programme for the Seventy-fifth Jubilee, came into my possession. The history of the Lodge had been compiled by Bro. Peter Leckie P. M. in 1975. It occurred to me at that time that our Lodge should have a fuller chronicle of its achievements, its highs and lows, its characters and its distinguished brethren. There therefore could be no better inspiration to undertake such a task than that Lodge Dolphin should celebrate its Centenary in the year 2000 and move from one Millennium to another.


This history represents an honest attempt to narrate the development and survival of Lodge Dolphin through a period of 100 years. Nothing has been hidden or deliberately glossed over. How else can our future brethren learn from our failings and successes than by reference to the past? I am grateful to all past Secretaries and Treasurers of the Lodge for the full accounts of all Lodge transactions so carefully recorded in the Minute Books and Attendance Books for over a century. The harmonised Roll Book was an excellent source of statistics.

Brother Sandy Thomson P.M.

Nineteenth Century Bonnybridge

In the early nineteenth century, the village of Bonnybridge lay predominantly in the heart of a prosperous farming community where long hours were devoted to dairy farming, raising fat cattle and sheep and cultivating arable crops such as potatoes, turnips and oats. A change was however in the offing when much of the good farming land began to be given over to the creation of industrial sites, housing estates, sand and gravel extraction and modern roadways. Whisky distilling also became a dominant activity with distilleries springing up at Broomhill (1817) and nearby Bankier (1829). It was therefore not surprising that the local farmers sought to gain from this new industry by switching their main crop to the growing of barley.

The famous Carron Iron Company had been mining iron ore in the valley of the Bonny in the Bonnyhill area from as early as 1770. As the manufacturing process evolved, greater reliance on coal rather than charcoal came to pass. This led to the creation of coal mining facilities at Dennyloanhead and Banknock.

Bonnybridge Brick and Tile Works, Bonnyside Road, was established shortly after 1836 so exploiting the local clay fields.

By the latter half of the nineteenth century, new clay industries were springing up on a regular basis. Bonnybridge Silica and Fireclay Co. Ltd. commenced operations in 1874 and in 1887 Messrs. John G. Stein & Co. Ltd. opened in High Bonnybridge and later at Allandale and Castlecary nearby.

There had always been an Engineering Industry in the Bonnybridge community through firms such as Messrs. David Gillies & Sons who were machine makers and agricultural implement makers to the local farmers and customers further afield.

In 1860, the renowned Smith, Wellstood and Ure & Co. came into being and went on to manufacture stoves, sewing machines and numerous other castings. This particular company was to be a significant influence in the early days of Lodge Dolphin.

Previous to the founding of Lodge Dolphin in Bonnybridge, the local people had supported a number of organisations. There was a flourishing Total Abstinence Society in 1839. The Star O’ Bonnyvale Lodge of the Order of Good Templars was formed in 1871. Bonnybridge Bowling Club was founded in 1875. Falkirk Royal St. Crispin Lodge (No. 8) Friendly Society formed a branch in Bonnybridge in 1887. There was even an organisation known as the Bonnybridge Family Yearly Daysmen Sick Benefit Society in 1893.

Freemasonry did of course exist in Bonnybridge prior to the creation of Lodge Dolphin and many local men were members of Masonic Lodges within reasonable travelling distance. The term ‘reasonable’ was of course a matter of opinion in those days as most travelling was done on foot. There were however reachable Masonic Lodges in Denny (176), Stenhousemuir (139), Falkirk (16 and 588) and even farther afield, Cumbernauld (199), Kilsyth (39), Grangemouth (391), Polmont (793), Slamannan (484) or Stirling (30,76 and 312) providing one left early enough and did not mind getting home late. The lack of facilities for travelling was a concern to those Brethren initiated in Lodges in one or other of these towns to which there was no public conveyances and from which walking home in inclement weather was the choice for only enthusiasts. Remember that the roads were muddy, pot-holed and unmade in that time. Brethren in Bonnybridge therefore considered that the provision of a meeting place of their own was a priority.

Erection and Consecration of Lodge Dolphin

The Brethren met in the Royal Hotel on 24 October, 1900 when a gratifying number attended. The object of the meeting was explained and the enthusiasm evinced was so great that a Committee was appointed, with Bro. William Millar, as chairman. A suitable meeting place was to be found. Serious difficulties were experienced in this regard as no place having all the requirements of a Masonic Lodge could be found. The Co-operative Hall was reported as the most suitable and was secured, and a Committee under the chairmanship of Bro. George Mitchell (Senior) was formed with full powers to carry the object to a successful fruition. Paraphernalia and suitable clothing being necessary, the funds to procure such were speedily subscribed.

The new Lodge required a name, and on being approached Bro. William McAdam Smith, who was actively identified with the village and took the deepest interest in the affairs of all Institutions in it, was graciously pleased to name it ‘The Dolphin Lodge’. The name “DOLPHIN” was believed to have originated from the family crest of the Smith family. There is however a tale which links it’s origin to the occasion when Mr. James Smith was shipwrecked off Newfoundland on 27 September 1854. Mr. Smith found himself on a small raft and basket for many days with only friendly dolphins for company until he was eventually rescued. This version appears to be more of a romantic fantasy rather than fact.

A subsequent meeting was held in the Co-operative Hall, Main Street, Bonnybridge on 22 November, 1900 when some 40 Masons attended. The Chairman was Bro. George Mitchell who explained that the purpose of the meeting was to form a Masonic Lodge for the valley and district of Bonnybridge. A report of a previously appointed group of likeminded Masons who had investigated the matter and taken preliminary action was also given. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire had granted approval to open a Lodge in Bonnybridge and affirmed that every assistance would be given by them once the wheels had been set in motion and preliminary arrangements had been made. A meeting of the Grand Lodge of Scotland had been held in Edinburgh on Friday 03 November, 1900. It was agreed that a Charter be granted for the establishment of the new Masonic Lodge at Bonnybridge, after it had considered that the matter had been made in a proper Masonic order. A number of Provisional Office-bearers had been proposed and it was agreed to convene another meeting to make final preparations for the opening.

On 08 December, 1900 the Grand Lodge of Scotland granted a Charter to Lodge Dolphin authorising it to hold meetings and confer degrees. The number on the Roll or Register was to be 911.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire met in the Co-operative Hall, Main Street, Bonnybridge on 22 December 1900 to consecrate the Lodge Dolphin 911 and to install the Office-bearers of the new Lodge. The ceremony was performed by the then Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire, Bro. George Christie and his Provincial Office-bearers. They likewise installed the following brethren, as the first Office-bearers of the Lodge:

Bro. Alexander Mitchell Right Worshipful Master (16)

Bro. Peter Gardiner Depute Master (176)

Bro. Ewen Low Substitute Master (16)

Bro. John Stewart Senior Warden (176)

Bro. William Mitchell Junior Warden (16)

Bro. Allan Neilson Secretary (176)

Bro. Thomas Brown Treasurer (176)

Bro. John McEwan Senior Deacon (176)

Bro. James Hope Senior Deacon (171)

Bro. George Mitchell Inner Guard (16)

Bro. Adam Gillespie Tyler (176)

The Ceremony over, the Provincial Grand Lodge repaired to the Royal Hotel where Bro. Monteath (76) provided entertainment in a manner worthy of the great event.

It was a dark, stormy and wet evening and consequently the roads had their full complement of mud. No lighting existed in the streets at that time. The Provincial Grand Master, though young in spirit, was ripe in years, and it was with considerable difficulty that he was piloted to his destination amidst much criticism of the condition of the village.

Those First Regular Steps

The initial Regular Meetings were taken up by ordinary business and instructions to the Office-bearers as to the discharge of their respective duties. It was not until 14 February 1901, that the first Initiation Meeting was held when Mr. William Brown had the honour of being the first initiate, while accompanied by eight other gentlemen.

Members’ knowledge of the various Ceremonies was very limited in those early days, but great help was provided by prominent Freemasons of that era, particularly Bro. Frank Greenoak, whose experience was substantial and whose service was untiring over many years. Indeed the Brethren of the Lodge were so grateful that they showed their appreciation by presenting him with a Masonic Jewel. As the working of the Lodge increased and furniture was required. This was readily forthcoming through gifts from various Brethren. The Committee that had been instrumental in forming the Lodge so successfully was disbanded at a Meeting on 24 February 1901, with especial thanks to the Convenor, Bro. George Mitchell (Senior), for his sterling efforts.

The Lodge increased rapidly in numbers and on 06 March 1902, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire paid their first official visit headed by Bro. William Black, Provincial Grand Depute Master. He heartily congratulated the Office-bearers and Brethren on the satisfactory state of the Lodge and all its’ affairs. Success followed success under various Masters with each Provincial Visit showing an increase in Membership and a corresponding increase in prosperity. The meeting place was by now becoming full to capacity and often uncomfortable to be in. Average attendance was of the order of 60-80 Brethren. A Building Committee was set up in 1905, and augmented by another in 1913, to search for a more suitable place and to advise the Lodge what means might be adopted to further the object of a hall of their own. On 03 April 1913, a Whist Drive and Dance was held in Lodge Callendar No. 588, Falkirk, when the handsome sum of £29.00 was raised by the Brethren and well wishers. This put the first stone in the prospective Building and a Building Fund was created.

The First World War Years and Roll of Honour 1914 - 1918

The Great War of 1914-18 placed a huge burden on the whole nation as it fought to defend its’ liberty and support its’ Allies. It also made a heavy call on the Brethren of the Lodge as shown by the Roll of Honour which now has prominent place in the Lodge room.  Some seventy-six brethren of the Lodge gave their lives in the service of their country. Bro. S.A.D. Webster, a respected Member of Lodge St. John No.16, Falkirk, presented the Roll to the Lodge. The War years and immediately thereafter was a time of consolidation for the Lodge.

A Home of Our Own

Various efforts were made, between 1913 and 1923, to add to the Building Fund with such success that by the latter year it was felt that at last Members might proceed to obtain premises of their own. Detailed plans were submitted by Bro. Thomas Copland, Architect, P.M. of Lodge Callendar No. 588, Falkirk and duly approved by the Members at a Meeting in January 1923 at the estimated cost of £2,500.00. A suitable site had also been found through the generosity of Bro. George Reid Ure of Hopepark, Bonnybridge, a Past Master of Lodge St. John No. 16, Falkirk. Many discussions had taken place over the matter of the Feu and it was decided that a deputation should wait on Bro. Ure to enlist his sympathy and obtain his help in fixing on a Site. The deputation mentioned one or two places which had potential but Bro. Ure pointed out a situation that had never been considered and was at once acknowledged to be the finest location in the village for the purpose of a Hall. It was thus that the deputation was able to report back that not only a site had been found on land belonging to Bro. Ure, but that he had offered it so long as it was a Masonic Hall, free of Feu Duty and would hand over the Feu Disposition free of all cost to the Lodge. A handsome donation to the Building Fund was also received from Bro. Ure and much appreciated by the Brethren.

The Grand Bazaar

A site had been found, plans drawn up, and the Building Fund was growing at a satisfactory rate. It therefore only remained to make that last supreme effort to raise the funding shortfall.The holding of a Grand Bazaar was to be that final and magnificent effort on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 December 1923, in the Public Hall, Bonnybridge.

A number of copies of the programme for the Event (originally priced sixpence) can still be seen and the Author is grateful to Bro. Malcolm Proffit (son of Past Master William Proffit) for his assistance in this regard. The following is an extract from the front piece of the programme.

“Object of the Bazaar

Since the inauguration of Lodge Dolphin, in the year 1900, the Brethren have held their meetings in the Bonnybridge Co-operative Hall, which satisfied their requirements until the large increase in Membership in recent years. In addition to the inadequacy of the present accommodation there has been a general desire among the Brethren to have a Masonic Temple of their own. Plans for this have been prepared and approved of. The estimated cost is £2500, towards which the Brethren have raised close on £1000 by various efforts during the past few years. The Committee aim at a further sum of £1500 from the Bazaar and hope that all interested in the Masonic Fraternity and all the Brethren of LODGE DOLPHIN will help them to achieve their object.Donations of money and articles for the various Stalls will be gladly received by the Stall-holders and their Assistants, by any of the members of the Bazaar Committee, or by the Secretaries."



Bro. ROBT. PATERSON, Asst. Secy.

The Bard of Lodge Dolphin, Bro. George Reid P.M. was inspired to pen a rallying poem for the occasion.

n pre-war days when Brothers’ ways

Were smooth as mill pond water,

A move was made, tho’ long delayed.

Then came the awful slaughter,

Those dreadful years of groans and tears

Upset our Building Plan.

But gentle peace when war did cease,

Again saw that begun.

In Room “fourteen” where oft was seen

The ardent craftsmen scheming.

The ways and means to alter the scenes

For a Temple Spire a’ gleaming.

Their Schemes for finance,

Drives, Concerts and Dance,

Have met with success so far;

But each of them pales

Whist Drives, Candy Sales,

In the glow of our “BIG BAZAAR.”

Whether Craftsmen or not,

Send the wife “happy thought,”

In Kelvinside English to “semple,”

The goods there on view,

Home made through and through,

And hasten the day of the Temple.

To Bro. George Ure the thanks I am sure

Of all Dolphinites are tendered.

He gave us the site and a mighty big mite,

Two services gladly rendered.

Spend what you can at each Stall,

A Temple erected is our good work perfected,

A Temple that Never shall Fail.

The Bazaar was opened by Bro. Dr. Edmund E. Dyer, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire, at 2.30 p.m. on Friday 14th December 1923 under the chairmanship of Dr. John Pearson R.W.M.. Bro. James Luke, Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Depute, did the honours at the same time on Saturday 15 December under the chairmanship of Bro. Andrew Hunter Provincial Grand Superintendent of Stirling and Clackmannan.

There were a large number of Stalls offering a wide variety of goods and produce.

Stall and Stall Holders

Café – Mrs. John Pearson

Selection of Xmas and New Year gifts – Mrs. Alexander Mitchell

Choice Selections for Xmas and New Year – Mrs. J. Drummond

Plain and Fancy Goods and Ironmongery – Mrs. Robert Leishman

Groceries and Provisions – Mrs. W. J. Ritchie

Farm Produce and Agriculture – Mrs. Alexander Hill Miss. Miller Miss Agnes Grindlay

Soft Goods – Mrs. Robert Leishman Mrs George Law Mrs. George Ure Mrs Alexander Masterton Mrs. J. Drummond Mrs. W. Bryden Mrs. A. Hannah Mrs. R. Maxwell Mrs. Alexander Mitchell Miss McCulloch Mrs. Hermiston Mrs. Dymock

Cake and Candy – Mrs. George Reid Mrs. James Wright Mrs. John Christie Mrs. Robert Mitchell Mrs. Angus Reid

Provisions – Mrs. W.J. Ritchie Mrs. James Watson Mrs. Alexander Ferguson Mrs. John Wright Mrs. John Wilson

Jumble – Mrs. James Murray Mrs. Robert Clark Mrs. John Mitchell Mrs. Joseph Graham

Toilet Requisites and Perfumery – Bro. Arthur W. Simpson Mrs. Arthur W. Simpson Miss Hutchens

Parcels – Bro. Andrew Mc Culloch Bro. James Kidd Bro. Robert Miller Bro. John Stewart

The event programme was sponsored by a plethora of business and commercial premises within the Bonnybridge area and immediate vicinity. It is interesting to observe that one could purchase a made to measure lounge suit in “Glengarth Tweed” all wool for the sum of eighty four shillings or a boxed set of six Ladies’ Lawn Hem Stitched Handkerchiefs for one half crown.

According to the issue of the Falkirk Herald newspaper of that time, Dr. Pearson, R.W.M. was able to announce that £620.00 had been realised at close of business on the Friday. No information is available as to the sum raised on the Saturday but is to be assumed that they came close to their target fund.

A New Temple for Lodge Dolphin

Work began on the new Temple very shortly after the Bazaar had been held and the required funding target had been attained. By October 1924, the project had been completed and arrangements were in hand for the opening and consecration, which took place on Saturday 04 October 1924. Bro. Dr. Edmund E. Dyer, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire and his Office-bearers performed the consecration ceremony. Lodge records reveal that 20 Provincial Representatives together with 77 Office-bearers and Brethren of Lodge Dolphin and some 47 Visiting Brethren were in attendance that day.

The Falkirk Herald issue of Saturday 11 October 1924, reported a detailed account of the proceedings, which took place, the principal speeches given and gave a brief description of the Temple.

“The new Temple consists of brick and concrete artistically treated. Standing in enclosed ground in a quiet part of Bonnybridge, it is of pleasant appearance. The entrance is by a vestibule with adjoining reception rooms on each side. There is an outer court, with rooms adjoining of ample dimensions. Then comes the large hall, which will accommodate 200 brethren. Besides giving ample accommodation for the efficient working of the Lodge. For ordinary meetings the hall will seat 300. The chief feature of the hall is the internal decoration Although artistic to a degree it is simple in detail. The furnishings, which are of oak, are the last word in Masonic equipment, and the structure is one of the best equipped of the kind in the country. Electrically heated and illuminated, the whole building is most excellently adapted for the efficient working of the Craft.”

The Contractors were

Brickwork – Messrs. J. Murdoch & Co., Larbert

Joiner Work – Messrs. J. & A. Main, Falkirk Plaster,

Cement and Slater Work – Messrs. Drummond and Crowe, Falkirk

Plumber Work – Mr. John Gillespie, Bonnybridge

Painter Work – Mr. M. Sinclair, Falkirk

Glazier Work – Mr. Daniel O’May, Falkirk

Iron Work – Mr. Thomas Bell, Falkirk

Electric Work – Mr. Barr, Bonnybridge

Furniture – Messrs. Graham & Morton, Falkirk

First Meeting in the New Temple

Seven Candidates were initiated at the first regular meeting held on Thursday 16 October 1924, in the new Masonic Hall, when Bro. Dr. John Pearson, R.W.M., occupied the Chair.

Order of the Eastern Star

The Bonnyvale Chapter No. 177 of The Order of the Eastern Star was established in Bonnybridge on 05 November 1921, and met in the Co-operative Hall. Soon after the new Masonic Temple was opened the Order transferred their meetings to the Wellpark Terrace premises in 1924, where they have remained ever since.

Lodge Dolphin Prospers

The Lodge Meetings Minute Books show that by 1927 as many as seven candidates were being initiated at one meeting. By the end of 1927, the Lodge was meeting on a weekly basis. Regalia were also being worn at the Annual Dance. Test Fees were three shillings, Life Membership thirty shillings and Initiation Fees five pounds ten shillings. The Installation Meeting of 15 December 1927, included the Auditors report and Balance Sheet for approval. Honoraria were approved for the Secretary at £6.00, Treasurer at £4.00 and Tyler at £3.00 Some 20 candidates were initiated into the Lodge in 1928.

Principal fund raising events consisted of whist drives followed by a dance, sale of work and raffles. The Lodge prospered between 1924 and 1939 with a plentiful supply of candidates and ample funds. Exchange visitations took place between Dolphin and local Lodges. A particular association was formed with St. James Operative No. 97, Edinburgh, against whom bowls and golf matches were played. Lodges from as far away as Lodge Breadalbane, St. Fillans No. 815 and Lodge Battlefield, Glasgow No. 1258, visited during this period.

Lodge Dolphin held a prominent place in Bonnybridge Society and was invited to significant local events The Lodge was invited to lay a wreath at the War Memorial on Armistice Day. An Annual Church Service took place. Lodge members attended the memorial service for Br. George Reid Ure on Sunday 25 May 1930, in Bonnybridge Parish Church. It was commonplace for the Lodge to march in procession wearing full regalia. On many such occasions the procession was led by a brass band such as that from nearby Banknock.

On 16 January 1930, the Lodge approved the purchase of an organ to provide musical accompaniment at meetings and functions. Intimation of the first Annual Burns’ Supper on Saturday 25 January 1930, was also given at that meeting.

In the year 1939, the Lodge was still in a healthy position with four to six candidates at a time being interviewed by the Enquiry Committee.

The Second World War Years 1939 - 1945

A Lodge Meeting on 02 November 1939 considered the advisability of discontinuing during World War II but decided against it. This was to be a time of sorrow, hard work, and much inconvenience.

The Lodge Hall was initially ear-marked by the Military Authorities, as a shelter for homeless people in the event of air-raids. Lodge Dolphin set up a Cigarette Fund and a Comforts Fund among others providing welcome cigarettes and matches to active soldiers. Postal Orders to the value ten shillings were regularly despatched to needy fighting men. Much support was also provided to the Red Cross and Earl Haig Fund.

Entertainment parties were laid on for active and wounded troops.

The 03 October 1940, saw the County Council allocate the number and address, 53 Wellpark Terrace, Bonnybridge to the Lodge premises.

Members of the Management Committee were advised that the Kings Own Scottish Borderers would soon take over the Masonic Hall at a meeting in Bowling-Green House on 14 November 1940.

There were to be further displacements during the War.

21 November 1940 to 20 February 1941 - Smith and Wellstood Welfare canteen

20 February 1941 to 17 April 1941 - Lodge room

17 April 1941 to 02 October 1941 - Smith and Wellstood Welfare canteen

02 October 1941 to 05 January 1942 - Lodge room

05 January 1942 to 19 February 1942 - Smith and Wellstood Welfare canteen

The military forces departed to be replaced by the Home Guard and Civil Defence Authorities in 1942.

Repairs and structural alterations were required to the Lodge room, entailing a further decant.

19 February 1942 to 14 January 1943 – Parish Church hall.

14 January 1943 – Home to stay!

Provincial Grand Lodge granted special dispensation during the disruption so permitting Lodge Meetings to take place in the various alternative premises. Many servicemen attended the meetings when on leave.

Candidates were plentiful and meetings occurred on a weekly basis. Indeed the Lodge worked right through the summer of 1945.

War-time was of course also a time of sadness when many brethren of the Lodge lost their lives, but will be remembered by us.

A Lodge of Sorrow was held in the Dolphin Lodge for Bro. Alexander Mitchell, P.M. 911, Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire, by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire on 23 September 1945. Bro. Mitchell had been an active member of the Lodge for 45 years and had occupied the Chair on two occasions.

Towards the Fiftieth Jubilee

War end was celebrated by a Special Meeting held on 13 May 1945, to mark V.E. National Thanksgiving Day. Bro. Matthew McNeilage was in the Chair and read the lesson at a short service in Bonnybridge Parish Church.

The Lodge settled down to a period of normality following the War. Candidates became more numerous. Petitions for twenty-five gentlemen were read at the Regular Meeting on 03 October 1946. In December, 1947, the Lodge funds were in a healthy state.

£ s d

General Fund   847 19/5

Benevolent Fund   434 09/6

Commutation Fees Fund   303 00/5

Hall Account   009 07/5

Ways and Means Fund   073 07/9

Jubilee Fund   024 05/7

Total 1692 10/1

An amendment to the Bye-laws was passed in February 1948, raising the cost of Initiation from five pounds ten shillings to seven pounds twelve shillings. Life Membership fees rose from one pound ten shillings to two pounds ten shillings. Test Fees went up from three shillings to five shillings. It is worth noting that these charges had stood for more than twenty years.

The Fiftieth Jubilee

The Fiftieth Jubilee of the Lodge was marked by a Jubilee Dinner in the Public Hall, Bonnybridge on Saturday 23 December 1950, at 4.00 p.m. Bro. Robert Roy, R.W.M. presided over the function. A cost of seven shillings per ticket was levied. Five members of Grand Lodge, headed by Bro. the Earl of Eglinton and Winton, Junior Grand Warden, attended. A deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge also attended and was led by Bro. Thomas Pitcairn, Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire. All five members of Grand Lodge received Honorary Membership on that day.

A Period of Stability

Lodge Dolphin was a buoyant Lodge in the nineteen-fifties as was evidenced at the Emergency Meeting on 13 April 1950, when 30 brethren took the Mark degree.

The Bye-laws were amended once again at the meeting on 6 April 1950. All amendments are still in effect today.

A. G. M. to be held at First Regular Meeting in December.

Annual Installation to be held on third Thursday in December.

Nomination of Office-bearers to take place at First regular meeting in October.

Election of Office-bearers to take place at First Regular Meeting in November.

Bro. Robert S. Leishman, P.M. 911, Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire was presented with a Distinguished Service Diploma at a Meeting of the Lodge on 02 December 1954. This respected brother had given nearly fifty years to his Lodge and freemasonry in general. Bro. Duncan Walker, R.W.M. made the presentation.

The year 1957 saw the Initiation Fees again rise, this time to ten pounds to reflect rising costs. Fortunately there were plenty of candidates to pay the fees. Twenty petitions were read out at the Meeting on 06 March 1958.Sadly, the Lodge intimated the death of Dr. John Pearson P.M. 911 in January 1959. Dr. Pearson had been in the Chair in 1924 some 35 years previously when the Lodge premises had been opened.

The “Swinging” Sixties

This was the era of the pop groups such as the “Beetles”, “Rolling Stones”, and “Hippies” with “flower power” and "peace". Five candidates was the norm throughout the nineteen–sixties and many Emergency Meetings were held.

02 January 1961 – 19 petitions read out.

06 April 1962 – 26 petitions read out.

27 April 1962 – 37 took Mark Degree

A major refurbishment of the premises took place in 1962 with much painting being done.

The month of March 1963, was a time of great loss to the Lodge, for it was in this month that Bro. Robert S. Leishman, P.M. 911 and Bro. Joseph F. Curran, P.M. 911 passed to the Grand Lodge above. Both had given long and distinguished service to the Lodge and the Bonnybridge Community.

General Committee Meetings begun to be recorded carefully in the Minute Books for the first time during this decade. Much useful information about the day to day running of the Lodge was obtained from them. A Social Committee was created in 1963 to raise funds for building fabric improvements. In June 1963, a new heating system was installed at the cost of £465.00. A new organ followed in 1964.

The Seventy-fifth Anniversary Approaches

The dawn of the nineteen-seventies saw a mortgage rate of eight percent and rising Inflation. It is therefore hardly surprising that Initiation Fees rose to £12.00 and the Annual Test Fees to £1.00. Indeed, the Initiation Fees were to be raised again to £15.00 by 1973. Decimal currency had also arrived.

There now followed a frenzied period of activity within the Lodge as the Seventy-fifth Anniversary approached. Significant monies were required to finance a much-needed extension to the Lodge premises and to provide for the Anniversary celebrations. A Garden Fete was held on Saturday 05 June 1971. Saturday night dances were well attended as were Burns’ Suppers, Annual Dances and all other Lodge functions. The obligatory raffles raised significant amounts of cash.

A minor extension to the Lodge premises was commenced in 1973 in the sum of £6,631.93. Messrs. J. & W. Jardine, Falkirk was the successful contractor. This was the first significant alteration to the Building since it was opened in 1924. Bro. John Jamieson was the R.W.M. of the day.

An enlarged Kitchen with adjacent Furniture Store was created together with some alterations to the Bar area. Lodge Dolphin did not have the full amount of funding to carry this project through. It was therefore necessary to borrow £5000.00 from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The General Committee of 15 May 1973 instigated a number of initiatives to raise money.

A Dolphin “300 Club” was started with ticket holders able to win a car in the quarterly draws. By 1975, the price of the car was to become prohibitive and Premium Bonds were to replace it.

The Ladies Committee was re-instigated under the watchful eye of Bro. Daniel Holmes, P.M., 911, the then, Senior Warden. Treasure Trails were held with some success. Pontoon tickets and Spot-the-Ball cards were sold. Whist Drives and Derby Draws were held. A One-armed Bandit was installed in February 1974.

The Seventy-fifth Anniversary Celebration

Preparations and arrangements to celebrate the Seventy-fifth Anniversary were in full swing during 1975.

A Re-dedication Service at 6.45 p.m. on Friday 14 November, in the Masonic Hall, followed by an Anniversary Dinner at 8.15 p.m., in the Leisure Centre, Bonnybridge was the order of the day. Bro. Peter Leckie, was the Right Worshipful Master during the event.

The Re-dedication Service was conducted by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire. Bro. Angus R. Campbell, Provincial Grand Master, headed the Deputation.

Dinner consisted of

Scotch Broth

Roast Sirloin of Beef with Croquettes and Brussel Sprouts

Sherry Trifle

Biscuits and Cheese.

Entertainment was provided by

Bro. David McHarg (Lodge 125) – Bass

Bro. John McArthur (Lodge 16) - Baritone

Bro. David Leitch (Lodge 911) - Accompanist

A full Programme of the events is still available together with a brief History of the Lodge to that time.

The other principal speakers were

Toast Master - Bro. James Torrance, P.M. 911

The Queen and The Craft - Bro. Peter Leckie, R.W.M. 911

Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge - Bro. Matthew McNeilage, P.M. 911

Reply - Bro. Angus R. Campbell, R.W.P.G.M.

Lodge Dolphin 911 - Bro. Joseph Cross, D.M. 16

Reply - Bro. Peter Leckie, R.W.M. 911

Visiting Brethren - Bro. William Proffit, P.M. 911

Reply - Bro. David Laing, D.M. 588

Office-bearers Past and Present - Bro. John Ritchie, I.P.M. 199

Reply - Bro. John Deuchars, P.M. 911, J.P.G.D.

Artistes - Bro. Robert Abercrombie, P.M. 911

Reply - Bro. David Leitch, Org. 911

Commemorative wine-glasses were issued to all who attended. Some of these glasses can presently be seen in the Lodge display cabinet.

A Divine Service of Thanksgiving took place in the Masonic Hall on Sunday 16th November at 3.00 p.m. when Bro. D. A. Leitch, Reader of the Church of Scotland, Organist 911, officiated. Scripture readings were given by Bro. Peter Leckie, R.W.M. 911 and Bro. John Muirhead, Chaplain 911. Music was provided by Bro. Andrew Kelly, 391.

Follow That!

After the euphoria of the Anniversary celebrations, it was back to the daily business of keeping the Lodge successful. The number of candidates passing through at any one meeting was now less than an average of five. By 1977, the Hall roof was giving problems with leaks, particularly at the club-skews. Day to day running costs were starting to out-strip income as Local Authority rates rose sharply and inflation took off.A radical overhaul of the premises was required to improve the functionality and to make it more user-friendly to both Members and visitors. A set of plans were drawn up in 1980 by Messrs. W. H. Dickie, Motherwell, and estimates obtained.

The proposals included:

Changes to the Bar and the addition of a Bar Cellar.

Construction of a new Table Store.

Formation of a new Committee Room.

Creation of a larger Bar Lounge by closing up the main entrance portico and vestibule.

Building of a new Entrance Foyer, Cloakroom and Ladies Toilets.

Much discussion took place regarding these proposals and it was eventually decided that the project would be best achieved through voluntary labour. A loan of £10,000.00 was to be obtained from Maclays Ltd., the Lodge liqueur suppliers. The volunteers were led by Bro. Harry Malcolm, Junior Warden, Bro. Alan Blair and Bro. David Burns. Numerous other Brethren from inside and outside Lodge Dolphin also assisted as called upon. The construction work, including snagging, lasted through most of 1982.

A Downturn in Fortune

A series of unforeseen circumstances occurred at the end of 1983, which left the Lodge in an uncertain financial position. A timely cash contribution from the Ladies Committee helped to ease the burden. So too did the efforts of Bro. Jimmy Morrison (Almoner) who sold his superb vegetables thus raising hundreds of pounds for the Lodge. This situation was to prevail for some time and by 1985 the Lodge had the lowly General Fund assets of £1,700.00, a similar sum to that of 1947. The repayments on the Building Loan, taken with rises in Inflation and running costs, were crippling. Only three candidates were being initiated at each Meeting. Initiation costs were now up to £60.00 and Test Fees were £3.00.

In the Face of Adversity

The next few years were to prove difficult for successive Masters, General Committee and Brethren. A tremendous effort was required by all as Social Functions became less well supported and Brethren failed to support the Lodge during the summer recess. It should of course be said that this situation came to apply to the village Golf Club and Bowling Club as peoples’ social habits began to change.

Friday night Dominoes was started in 1985 with a view to encouraging members to attend out-with Meetings. This had limited success. Despite untiring effort by the Office-bearers and many initiatives being tried, the General Fund stood at £491.00 in January 1989. This was mainly due to building repair costs swallowing up hard-earned income. The Ladies Committee, established in 1973, was a pillar of support in these difficult times and on many occasions came to the rescue of the Lodge through providing much needed financial donations.

A review of Lodge finances was carried out in 1990 and it was obvious that the Lodge could not afford a paid bar person. There followed a period when volunteers were used. Prize Bingo and Sports Quiz were tried to increase revenue. Carpet Bowls was introduced on a Friday night. By June 1990, the corner had been turned and General Fund stood at £3,168.17, largely due to the fact that the loan from Maclays Ltd. was now cleared and no bar staff wages were being expended. It was encouraging that the Christmas Fayre held in December 1990, raised the handsome sum of £485.38.

Bro. Thomas Shanks, Treasurer, became the principal bar person, with assistance from other office-bearers and his family, in 1991. This, he did willingly and for no recompense, in the interests of the Lodge. His selfless contribution was reflected in the statement of accounts in 1991, when the Lodge General Fund substantially increased to £8,758.02 in the year 1992.

Looking Ahead

Lodge Dolphin would celebrate its’ Centenary in the year 2000 which would also mark the beginning of a new Millennium. A Centenary Committee was established in 1990 to make appropriate arrangements and commence fund-raising. The Committee consisted of the Reigning Master and all Past Masters, and first met in August 1990, when Past Master Bro.William Proffit was appointed Chairman. Bro. Proffit was later to suffer poor health and be substituted by Past Master Bro. Peter Leckie in 1993. One of the first organised events was a Treasure Trail. A further programme of events was outlined in April 1993, with a view to accruing Centenary Funds.

Treasure Hunt

Quiz Sheets

Whist Drives

Prize Bingo

Summer Fete 1995

Christmas Raffle

Brother James Hayworth, Lodge Organist, was awarded the Honorary Provincial Grand Rank of Organist in 1990 for his services to freemasonry and to Provincial Grand Lodge in 1990.

The decade leading up to the Centenary was to be a time to put an “ageing house” in order.

In 1992, Bro. James Denny, R.W.M., took personal charge of a work party tasked with improving the grounds of the Lodge. Weeds and trees were removed from the rear of the property. Concrete hard-standings were formed on all four sides of the property to provide low maintenance areas. Landscaped and grassed areas were created at the frontage to make the building more appealing. Outstanding fabric repairs were tackled with a new vigour as they arose.This took the work party nearly two months to complete.

Bro. Robert Finlay P.M. commenced writing a comprehensive Lodge Dolphin ritual for the Degree Ceremonials in 1993. This ritual, once completed, was adopted by the majority of Office-bearers and is still used today,

In 1994, a major programme of repairs to the Hall was carried out by work parties. By the end of that year the General Fund stood at £13,273.51 and the recently established Furnishing Fund was £2,920.56. Bro. Shanks, Treasurer, initiated a major refurbishment of the Bar. New worktops, shelving, lighting, floor finish, dropped ceiling, etc. were completed and the whole thoroughly decorated. A much larger floor area was also made available.

The Past Masters Summer Fete in the summer of 1995 was a tremendous success with many fund-raising activities taking place. There was even a Bouncy Castle for the children to enjoy. A total of £1,247.00 was achieved for the Centenary Fund.

A renewed enthusiasm was now being shown by successive Masters, office-bearers and Past Masters, so much so, that in 1996, a complete electrical rewire of the Lodge premises was carried out. Bro. S. Hayworth and Bro. I. Abercrombie were the principals in this exercise. Bro. H. Malcolm, P.M. also completely renovated the Visitors Room that year.

The Lodge heating system was continually playing up in the mid-nineties. This too was replaced by a new system involving a new gas supply and boiler, new radiators and a thermostatically three-zone controlled pipe-work system in 1997. A Summer Fete was again held that year. Though less successful than that of 1995, it still provided a decent sum towards the Centenary Fund. A Race Night held later in the year was to be equally successful.

Despite all of the recent costly improvements to the property, the General Fund and Furnishing Fund assets still stood at the handsome sum of £24,299.43 at the end of 1998.

All was now nearly in place for the Centenary Celebrations. It only remained to freshly paint the Meeting Hall and completely re-carpet throughout the building as necessary. This was achieved in the Summer and Autumn seasons of 2000.

The Centenary Committee reported in late 2000 that the Centenary Fund had reached the handsome and adequate sum of just under £10,000.00 and that all arrangements were well in hand. Bro. Peter Leckie. P.M., and Bro. Harry Malcolm, P.M. had been fastidious in their attention to detail. New Regalia, consisting of sashes, aprons and jewel collars had been purchased for all Office-bearers to wear. In addition, the Master and Wardens had new collarettes and chains as well as new gauntlets. The original Jewels were of course retained, but appropriately cleaned.

Centenary Celebrations

Lodge Dolphin had continuously operated without break for ONE HUNDRED years. It was therefore appropriate that this achievement should be celebrated in grand style.

The Rededication Ceremony took place in the Masonic Temple, Bonnybridge on Saturday 2nd December 2000 at 2.00 p.m. A deputation from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, headed by Bro. James R. Gerrard, Past Depute Grand Master, was received by Bro. Alexander R.S. Thomson. R.W.M. There were eight Grand Lodge Office-bearers in the deputation who carried out the Ceremony in a solemn and dignified manner. A copy of the full ceremonial is available in the Lodge display cabinet.

Bro. James Gerrard – Past Depute Grand Master

Bro. Alexander Whitehead – Senior Grand Warden

Bro. C. Martin McGibbon – Grand Secretary

Bro. Douglas W. Duncan – Grand Director of Ceremonies

Bro. Rev. John H. Jenkinson – Senior Grand Chaplain

Bro. Douglas A. Findlay – Senior Grand Standard Bearer

Bro. Alistair T. Marshall – Grand Steward

Bro. Alfred S.F. McGhie – Grand Steward

Many Provincial Grand Lodge Office-bearers also attended, led by Bro. David Dick Laing, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master. A large number of Brethren and visiting Brethren were also present.

Following the Rededication, an Anniversary Dinner took place at 4.00 p.m. in the nearby Bonnybridge Primary School where an excellent meal, accompanied by wine, was had by all.

The Menu was of ample choice.

Lentil Broth or Melon Gondola or Prawn Cocktail.

Roast Lamb or Braised Beef Steak or Chicken Fillet in Wine Sauce.

Selection of Vegetables.

Death by Chocolate or Apple Pie or Fresh Cream Gateau.

Tea or Coffee.Mints.

A fine Toast list followed.

Toast Master - Bro John Jamieson, P.M.911

The Queen - Bro. Alexander R. S. Thomson, R.W.M.911

The Craft - Bro. Alexander R. S. Thomson, R.W.M.911

The Grand Lodge of Scotland - Bro. Peter Leckie, P.M. Chaplain 911

Reply - Bro. James R. Gerrard, R.W.P.D.G.M.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire - Bro. Daniel Holmes, P.M.911

Reply - Bro. David Dick Laing. R.W.P.G.M

Lodge Dolphin 911 - Bro. Alexander Todd, R.W.M.391

Reply - Bro. Alexander R. S. Thomson, R.W.M.911

Visiting Brethren - Bro. Alexander P. Crosbie, P.M. Almoner 911

Reply - Bro. Kenneth J. P. Currie, P.M.1018

The speeches were interspersed with harmony provided by invited Artistes.

Bro. Marshall Paterson – Tenor (M.M. 531)

Bro. James Hayworth – Accompanist (M.M. 911)

Bro. David Methven Jnr. – Piper (M.M. 911)

In honour of the occasion, a distinctive Jewel, Wine-glass and Mark Token were produced and made available to all those who wished to purchase such.Several Brethren thereafter retired to the Masonic Hall where an informal sing-song took place into the small hours.

Sunday 03 December 2000 was a day to give thanks for one hundred years of Lodge Dolphin and to look forward with anticipation to the new Millennium and the future.

A Divine Service of Thanksgiving was held in Bonnybridge St. Helens Parish Church at 3.00 p.m.

Bro. Rev. John H. Jenkinson, M.M. 16, Provincial Grand Chaplain, officiated. Scripture readings were delivered by Bro. Alexander R. S. Thomson, R.W.M. 911 and Bro. Peter Leckie, P.M. Chaplain 911 during the service.

Into the Future

The founding Brethren of the late nineteenth century could not anticipate that Lodge Dolphin would still be prosperous one hundred years on. Their simple aim was to have a Lodge of their own in the village of Bonnybridge. Successive Masters, Office-bearers and Brethren have been true to that purpose.

The Lodge is structurally sound, has been carpeted throughout, and recently redecorated. Candidates are not in rich supply but numbers are encouraging while Member support is steady though not impressive. Past Masters are of necessity occupying some progressive Offices until willing Brethren come forward. Visitor attendance is however something to be extremely proud of.

Bro. Michael Ian Grover will be Master in session 2001 – 2002 and therefore it falls upon him to take Lodge Dolphin forward into the new century and new Millennium. He is a man with dedication to Lodge Dolphin and Freemasonry as a whole, making him an excellent foundation upon which to build for the future.

Good Luck to all in the future.


J. Waugh – The Vale of the Bonny

The Falkirk Herald Newspaper

Details of the Office-bearers, Characters, Activities and Masonic Honours are given in the pages to follow this text.

Founder Members of Lodge Dolphin (1900)

Roll No./Name (Lodge)/Comment

01. Bro. Alexander Mitchell (16) R.W.M./FIRST OFFICE-BEARERS (16, 171 and 176)

02. Bro. Peter Gardiner (176) D.M.

03. Bro. Ewen Low (16) S.M.

04. Bro. John Stewart (176) S.W.

05. Bro. William Mitchell (16) J.W.

06. Bro. John McEwen (176) S.D.

07. Bro. James Hope (171) J.D.

08. Bro. Thomas Brown (176) Treas.

09. Bro. Alan Neilson (176) Secy.

10. Bro. George Mitchell (16) I.G.

11. Bro. Adam Gillespie (176) Tyler

12. Bro. Robert Campbell (176)/AFFILIATES from (Nos 16.39,71,76,176,199,557)

13. Bro. Alexander Monteith (76)

14. Bro. John Anderson (176)

15. Bro. James Mitchell (16)

16. Bro. Henry McNair (176)

17. Bro. Alexander Brown (176)

18. Bro. Lewis McFie (16)

9. Bro. Alexander Marshall (176)

20. Bro. David Brown (176)

21. Bro. William Bain (176)

22. Bro. James Gray (199)

23. Bro. Alexander Brown (176)

24. Bro. John Gardiner (176)

25. Bro. James Cowie (176)

26. Bro. Alexander Kerr (16)

27. Bro. Robert Wardrope (39)

28. Bro. William Hoggan (199)

29. Bro. Daniel Waugh (176)

30. Bro. Thomas Porteous (176)

31. ro. Andrew Auld (71)

32. Bro. Charles Ritchie (557)

33. Bro. William Brown/FIRST INITIATE (911)

This information was taken from the harmonised Membership Roll Book prepared by Bro. Robert Finlay. P.M. in 1997.

Office-bearers 1949 – 1950 (Fiftieth Jubilee)

Right Worshipful Master- Bro. Robert Wright

Substitute Master - Bro. Duncan Walker

Depute Master - Bro. Robert Roy

Senior Warden - Bro. James Torrance

unior Warden - Bro. Robert Crawford

Secretary - Bro. Joseph Curran

Treasurer - Bro. John A. L. Leitch

Almoner – Bro. Robert S. Leishman

haplain - Bro. Matthew McNeilage

Senior Deacon - Bro. Charles Clement

Junior Deacon - Bro. Alexander Lapsley

Director of Ceremonies - Bro. William Isaat

Architect - Bro. Alexander Bulloch Jnr.

Jeweller - Bro. William Proffit

Bible Bearer - Bro. Malcolm Jack

Sword Bearer - Bro. Thomas Marshall

irector of Music - Bro. Robert Blair

Organist - Bro. Andrew W. Hunter

Marshal - Bro. Robert C. McCallum

Senior Steward - Bro. Dawson Hunter

Junior Steward - Bro. William Muir

Junior Steward - Bro. Robert Stewart

Inner Guard - Bro. John Deuchars

Tyler - Bro. Matthew McNeilage, P.M.

Office-bearers 1974 – 1975 (75th Anniversary)

Right Worshipful Master - Bro. Peter Leckie

Immediate Past Master - Bro. John Jamieson

Depute Master - Bro. Daniel Holmes

Substitute Master - Bro. George MacDonald

Senior Warden - Bro. Robert Poole

Junior Warden - Bro. John Dick

ecretary - Bro. Robert Finlay

Treasurer - Vacant

Almoner - Bro. Matthew M. McNeilage, P.M.

Chaplain - Bro. John Muirhead

Senior Deacon - Bro. Alexander P. Crosbie

Junior Deacon - Bro. Ian Fraser

Director of Ceremonies - Bro. Henry C. Malcolm

Architect - Bro. David Coventry

Jeweller - Bro. Andrew J. Boyne

Bible Bearer - Bro. Donald Robertson

Sword Bearer - Bro. James McC. Mitchell

Director of Music - Bro. George Todd

Assistant Secretary - Bro. Robert L. Watt

Assistant Treasurer - Bro. Andrew Dunsmore

Organist - Bro. David Leitch

Marshal - Bro. James Kemp

Senior Steward - Bro. George I. Brown

Junior Steward - Bro. John B. Muir

Junior Steward - Bro. Thomas Martin

Junior Steward - Bro. Charles Reid

Inner Guard - Bro. Thomas L. Corner

Tyler - Bro. Thomas Peebles

Office-bearers 1999 - 2000 (Centenary)

Right Worshipful Master - Bro. Alexander R. S. Thomson

Immediate Past Master - Bro. Henry R. G. Lamont P.M.

Depute Master - Bro. Craig J. Lamont

Substitute Master - Bro. William S. Jeffray P. M.

Senior Warden - Bro. Michael I. Grover

Junior Warden - Vacant

Secretary - Bro. Henry C. Malcolm P.M.

Treasurer - Bro. Thomas S. Shanks

Almoner - Bro. Alexander P. Crosbie

Chaplain - Bro. Peter Leckie P.M.

Senior Deacon - Vacant

Junior Deacon - Bro. John S. M. Hutchison

Director of Ceremonies - Bro. John Jamieson P.M.

Bible Bearer - Vacant

Sword Bearer - Bro. Brian C. Ferguson

Organist - Bro. James Hayworth

Senior Steward - Bro. James Malcolm

Junior Steward - Bro. Derek Cowan

Junior Steward - Bro. Scott R. Maxwell

Inner Guard - Bro. John J. Nugent

Tyler - Bro. Peter Jeffray

Past Masters 1900 – 2018

Term/Master/Masonic Honours/Comments

1900 - 1903 Bro. Alexander Mitchell */Past Subs. P. G. Master/First Master.

1903 - 1906 Bro. John Stewart

1906 - 1909 Bro. A. Ferguson

1909 - 1911 Bro. William Dow

1911 - 1914 Bro. George Reid

1914 - 1917 Bro. Alexander Mitchell */First World War

1917 - 1920 Bro. James Drummond

1920 - 1921 Bro. J. Cowan

1921 - 1922 Bro. Robert S. Leishman/Past Sen. P. G. Warden, Hon. Grand Bible Bearer

1922 - 1924 Bro. Dr. John Pearson/Past Sen. P. G. Warden/New Temple

1924 - 1926 Bro. George Law/National General Strike

1926 - 1928 Bro. James Watson

1928 - 1930 Bro. Walter Bryden

1930 - 1932 Bro. John H. McWatt

1932 - 1934 Bro. James L. Kidd

1934 - 1936 Bro. Joseph F. Curran

1936 - 1938 Bro. Robert Miller/Second World War

1938 - 1940 Bro. Thomas B. Preston

1940 - 1942 Bro. Duncan Walker Snr.

1942 - 1944 Bro. William Wright

1944 - 1946 Bro. Matthew McNeilage

1946 - 1948 Bro. Alexander Johnstone

1948 - 1950 Bro. Robert Wright

1950 - 1952 Bro. Robert Roy/Past Subs. P. G. Master/Fiftieth Anniversary

1952 - 1954 Bro. Duncan Walker Jnr.

1954 - 1956 Bro. James Torrance

1956 - 1958 Bro. Robert Crawford

1958 - 1960 Bro. Charles Clement

1960 - 1962 Bro. John Deuchars/Past Sen. P. G. Warden

1962 - 1964 Bro. Matthew M. McNeilage

1964 - 1966 Bro. William Proffit/Hon. Grand Sword Bearer

1966 - 1968 Bro. Dawson D. Hunter

1968 - 1970 Bro. Robert Abercrombie

1970 - 1972 Bro. George Macdonald

1972 - 1974 Bro. John Jamieson

1974 - 1976 Bro. Peter Leckie/Past Sen. P. G. Warden, Past P. G. Treasurer, Hon. Grand Junior Deacon/75 Anniversary

1976 - 1978 Bro. Daniel Holmes

1978 - 1980 Bro. John Dick

1980 - 1982 Bro. Alexander P. Crosbie

982 - 1984 Bro. Robert L. Watt

1984 - 1986 Bro. Robert Finlay

1986 - 1988 Bro. Henry C. Malcolm/Past Subs P. G. Master, Hon. Grand Junior Deacon

1988 - 1990 Bro. David Coventry *

1990 - 1992 Bro. James S. Denny

1992 - 1994 Bro. John B. Muir

1994 - 1996 Bro. William S. Jeffray

1996 - 1998 Bro. Henry R. G. Lamont

1998 - 2000 Bro. Alexander R. S. Thomson/P. G. Secretary/Substitute Provincial Grand Master/Centenary

2000 - 2002 Bro. Michael I. Grover/P. G. Senior Warden

2002 - 2004 Bro. John S. M. Hutchison

2004 - 2007 Bro. Thomas B. Stewart

2007 - 2010 Bro. David Coventry*

2010 -2012 Bro. John B. Muir*

2012 - 2014 Bro. James Craig Lamont

2014 - 2016 Bro. Ross Hardie

2016 - 2018 Bro. William S. Jeffray*


Secretaries 1900 - 2018

1900 - 1903 Bro. Alan Neilson.

1904 - 1906 Bro. Alex Higgins

1907 - Bro. James C. Ferguson

1908 - 1910 Bro. William D. Lapsley

1911 - 1927 Bro. Walter J. Bryden

1927 - 1931 Bro. Joseph Foster Curran

1932 - 1934 Bro. Neil M. Watt

1935 - 1939 Bro. Adam M. Scott

1940 - 1952 Bro. Joseph Foster Curran

1953 - 1956 Bro. Thomas Fletcher

1957 - 1962 Bro. Robert Abercrombie

1963 - 1969 Bro. Adam M. Urquhart

1970 -         Bro. John Deuchars

1971 -         Bro. Alexander P. Crosbie

1972 - 1976 Bro. Robert Finlay

1977 -         Bro. Robert Finlay (acting)

1978 -         Bro. Adam M. Urquhart (acting)

1979 - 1989 Bro. Adam M. Urquhart

1990 - 1997 Bro. Robert Finlay P.M.

1998 -         Bro. William McDonald

1999 -         Bro. Robert Finlay P.M.

2000 - 2004 Bro. Henry C. Malcolm P.M.

2004 - 2016 Alexander R. S. Thomson P.M.

2016 - 2018 James Craig Lamont P.M.

Treasurers 1900 - 2018

1900 - 1924 Bro. Thomas Brown

1924 - 1935 Bro. Archibald H. McWatt

1936 - 1939 Bro. Robert Gray

1940 - 1944 Bro James Torrance

1945 - 1949 Bro. Thomas R. Goodwin

1950 - 1952 Bro. John A.L. Leitch

1953 - 1956 Bro. David G. Holmes

1957 - 1962 Bro. Thomas Fletcher

1963 - 1964 Bro. John Jamieson

1965 - 1969 Bro. John Deuchars

1970 - 1971 Bro. George Graham

1972 - 1974 Bro. John Deuchars

1975 -         Bro. William Muir

1976 - 1981 Bro. Andrew Dunsmore

1982 - 1984 Bro. James Drummond

1985 - 2016 Bro. Thomas Shanks

2016 - 2018 Bro. Ross Hardie P.M.

Initiate Numbers by Five Year Period and Yearly Average

Period/Number of Initiates (Comment)/Yearly Average


1901 – 1905/137 (Lots of affiliates to new Lodge in 1901)/27

1906 – 1910/56/11

1911 – 1915/80/16

1916 – 1920/198 (125 Initiates after War in 1919)/37

1921 – 1925/104/21

1926 – 1930/143/28

1931 – 1935/56/11

1936 – 1940/119/24

1941 – 1945/206 (War Years)/24

1946 – 1950/216 (Post War)/43

1951 – 1955/182/36

1956 – 1960/144/29

1961 – 1965/170/34

1966 – 1970/151/30

1971 – 1975/156/31

1976 – 1980/94 (Start of decline in numbers)/19

1981 – 1985/80/16

1986 – 1990/81/16

1991 – 1995/51/10

1996 – 2000/34/7

Total Roll in Year 2000 = 2458

These figures are taken from the harmonised Roll Book produced by Bro. Robert Finlay P.M. No. 911 in 1997. The numbers include Affiliates and Honorary Members.

Honorary Members of Lodge Dolphin

Roll No./Name/Year/Lodge Number and Rank

117/Bro. Alexander Brown/1904/ Past Master 592

118/Bro. William McKendrick/1904/Past Master 194

119/Bro. James McComb/1904/Past Master 102

120/Bro. William Falconer/1904/Past Junior Grand Deacon

121/Bro. Andrew Fergus/1904/Past Junior Grand Deacon

122/Bro. James Hall/1904/Past Master 592

578/Bro. Edmund E. Dyer/1925/Provincial G. Master Stirlingshire

593/Bro. S. Archie D. Webster/1926/Lodge 16 (War Scroll)

594/Bro. George R. Ure/1926/Past Master 16 (Benefactor)

840/Bro. Daniel Robertson/1938/Provincial G. Master Stirlingshire

841/Bro. Thomas Pitcairn/1938/Provincial G. Secy. Stirlingshire

1300/Right Hon. Earl of Eglinton and Winton/1950/R. W. Junior Grand Warden

1301/Bro. Alexander F. Buchan/1950/Grand Secretary

1302/Bro. Robert Battison/1950/Grand Director of Ceremonies

1303/Bro. John S. Young/1950/President of Grand Stewards

1304/Bro. David Kennedy/1950/Grand Steward

1305/Bro. John Campbell/1950/Provincial G. Secy. Stirlingshire

2142A/Bro. Angus R. Campbell/1975/Provincial G. Master Stirlingshire

2142B/Bro. Robert Stewart/1975/Right Worshipful Master 321

2142C/Bro. Miller M. Mcfarlane/1975/Past Master 321

2174/Bro. Joseph Sharp/1979/Past Master 588

2240A/Bro. William Brown/1981/Master Mason 484

2240B/Bro. James Leishman/1981/Master Mason 199

2258A/Bro. John Scott/1983/Master Mason 1456

2348/Bro. Robert Hutchison/1988/Provincial G. Master Stirlingshire

2348A/Bro. Hector C. Campbell/1988/Past Prov. G. Master Stirlingshire

2348B/Bro. Joseph Campbell/1988/P. G. Secretary Stirlingshire

2419/Bro. Colin T. Wyse/1994/P. G. Master Stirlingshire

2420/Bro. Eric Craig/1994/Past Master 26

2421/Bro. John McGregor/1994/Past Master 199

2434/Bro. Peter Welsh/1996/Master Mason 199

2435/Bro. Alan McFeeters/1996/Master Mason 1018

2451/Bro. Charles F. T. Kilpatrick/1998/Past Master 139

2452/Bro. James Hutchison/1998/Master Mason 413

2557(a)/Bro. Andrew A. McKinnon R.W.P.G.M./2015

2557(b)/Bro. James Jones/2016/Master Mason No. 1282

Lodge Dolphin Members having held/holding Provincial Grand Rank Stirlingshire

Bro. Alexander Mitchell, P.M. Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master (Circa 1938)

Bro. Dr. John Pearson, P.M. Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden (Circa 1945)

Bro. Robert S. Leishman, P.M. Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden (Circa 1952)

Bro. Reverend John Watson M.M., Past Provincial Grand Chaplain (Circa 1973 - 1993). RWM The Lodge of Light No. 11 (S.Aus.)

Bro. Robert Roy, P.M. Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master (Circa 1974)

Bro. John Deuchars, P.M. Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden (Circa 1978)

Bro. Peter Leckie, P.M. Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden (Circa 1991), Provincial Grand Treasurer (1986 – 1989)

Henry C. Malcolm, P.M. Past Provincial Grand Senior  Warden (Circa 2002), Substitute Provincial Grand Master (2007 - 2009)

Alexander R.S. Thomson P.M. Past Provincial Grand secretary (2010 - 2015), Substitute Provincial Grand Master (2015 - 2020).

Lodge Dolphin Members having held/holding Honorary Grand Rank

Bro. Robert S. Leishman, P.M. Honorary Grand Bible Bearer (Circa 1952)

Bro. William Proffit, P.M. Honorary Grand Sword Bearer (Circa 1987)

Brother James Hayworth, Honorary Grand Organist (2011)

Lodge Dolphin Members having held/holding Honorary Provincial Grand Rank

Bro. James Hayworth, Org. Honorary Provincial Grand Organist (Circa 1998)

Bro. Thomas S. Shanks, Honorary Provincial Grand Treasurer (2006)

Bro. Daniel Holmes P.M., Honorary Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies (2016)

Bowling/Games and Golf Activities

Lodge Dolphin has taken part in a number of grass bowls and golf competitions throughout its one hundred years. These competitions have provided valuable closed season contact between Brethren of the Lodge and other local Lodges.

Eastern District Masonic Bowling Association Trophy

This beautiful trophy has been the object of an annual bowling competition between Masonic Lodges located in the eastern part of the Province of Stirlingshire since 1900. Lodge Dolphin has a proud history in this competition having won it on no fewer than 16 occasions in its lifetime. The last victory was in 1998. Only Lodge St. John Slamannan No. 484, 18 times, has won it more.

Western District Masonic Bowling Association – Christison Trophy

Bro. R. Christison, P. M. Lodge Ancient No.30, Stirling, donated this trophy, to be played for annually among Masons in the Stirling area, in 1945. It celebrated the victory of the Allies in World War II. The first competition took place in 1946. Lodge Dolphin has won it on no fewer than 9 occasions.

Lodge Dolphin – Pearson Trophy

Dr. John Pearson presented this trophy to the Lodge to be presented annually to the finest competitive golfer. The first competition took place in 1936. In 1948, the bowlers of the Lodge commandeered the trophy and to this day it is played for at Bonnybridge Bowling Club each year.

Lodge Dolphin Friendship Bowling Trophy

This bowling trophy was presented to the Lodge by Bro. Daniel Holmes P. M. and Bro. Peter Jeffray in the late nineteen nineties. It is a rinks competition held annually at Grahamston Bowling Club, Falkirk. Twenty-four invited rinks from Lodges within and without the Province of Stirlingshire take part. Bro. John B. Muir P.M. has organised and run the competition since its’ inauguration. 

Bonhill and Alexandria R.A. Lodge No. 321 – Games Night

Lodge Dolphin has enjoyed a long association with Lodge Bonhill and Alexandria No.321. Each lodge has granted honorary membership status to members of the other. Many enjoyable and keenly fought nights have taken place in the annual games battle. The venue for the darts, dominoes, pool, snooker, cards etc. alternates between the Lodges each year. Much suspicion surrounds the final outcome and the destination of the trophy.

Provincial Grand Lodge Golf Tournament

Lodge Dolphin has not been particularly successful in the annual golf tournament held in May at Ross Priory. It does however take part and support the nominated Charity through the raising of Sponsorship.

The Ladies Committee

A Ladies Committee has existed in one form or another since 1923 and probably earlier. It took the form of Office-bearers wives, family and friends who assisted in Lodge functions and fund-raising events. The earliest evidence can be seen in the programme of the Bazaar of 1923 where the Ladies made a significant contribution.Lodge Minutes suggest that the Ladies Committee either formal or informal became less effective in the late nineteen sixties and early seventies. General Committee therefore took steps to have it reformed in 1973. Mrs. Betty Holmes chaired a Committee of more than 20 in 1976 when Mrs. Morag Welch was Secretary and Mrs Jean Coventry was Treasurer. Much needed fund-raising effort flowed from the new Committee Members and their successors from that time to the present. This was especially true in the difficult nineteen eighties. A Tuesday night Bingo Session has been operated over many years providing not only funds to the Lodge but also entertainment to those attending.

Bro. Tom and Mrs. Flora Shanks

Every Masonic Lodge has those people who give unstintingly of their time and effort in the sole interest of maintaining a secure and successful Lodge. They usually give this devoted service over many years and seek little reward or gratification for themselves. Individual Lodge members know who they are. Tom and Flora Shanks are two such people in the history of Lodge Dolphin.Bro Tom Shanks was initiated into Lodge Dolphin 1st November 1979. He took his first Office as Steward in 1982, followed by Sword Bearer 1983 and Jeweller 1984. Ultimately he became Treasurer in 1985 and has held that office for the last fifteen years. A rough baptism was in store for him as he grappled to cope with the financial constraints of the nineteen-eighties. One solution to reducing Lodge overheads was to reduce bar staff costs through members operating the bar on a voluntary basis. These measures met with diminishing success resulting in Tom taking on the duties of the bar person himself in 1991. This was indeed an onerous task, the bar being open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings all year round. Bro. Tom has stuck to the task for the last nine years without being given any financial recognition. This act of devotion to his Lodge has singularly resulted in the healthy state of the Balance Sheet as we enter a new Millennium.Mrs. Flora Shanks was keen to support her husband when he took office in the Lodge and became a member of the Ladies Committee. She made a valuable contribution to the work of this Committee over many years. Eventually she was to become treasurer and one of only two ladies still actively sustaining the work of the Ladies Committee by 2000.Flora has now become Tom’s booking agent for most Lodge functions and Hall lets. She manages the weekly Lodge Bingo sessions providing additional revenue to the Lodge. Many Prize Bingo nights have been organised by her and others so raising substantial sums of money in aid of Charitable Causes. The Lodge in turn receives recognition and credit.We have all enjoyed, on countless occasions, the catering prowess of Mrs. Shanks. It could be the Annual Dance, Burns’ Supper or private function. She has her own unique way of providing the best quality food at affordable prices while getting the quantity right irrespective of the numbers attending.

Tom and Flora - Many thanks. So ends the first one hundred years.

Onward with Purpose 2000 - 2025

The arrival of the new millenium and of course the new century served to mark the beginning of new challenges in the history of Lodge Dolphin. The Right Worshipful Master Brother Michael Grover (2000 - 2002) took up the immediate challenge to steer the Lodge forward following the euphoria of the Centenary celebrations. Attendances of both brethren and visitors at Regular Meetings continued to increase. Priority was given to updating the decor and general state of repair of the Lodge premises. Particular attention was given to environmental health and safety issues. There was a plentiful supply of candidates and the finances of the Lodge were in good order.

January 2003 saw the General Committee agreeing to the removal of the curtains that concealed and protected the various photographs and memorabilia that hang on the walls of the Temple. These had been donated by the Ladies Committee of the Lodge many years previously. Extensive roof repairs and internal decoration was also carried out in early 2003. A door entry system was installed at the front door to the premises in February 2004. Brother Joseph Sharp P.M. Lodge Callendar No. 588 presented the Lodge with a set of wooden gavels in 2004 to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of him being made an honorary member of Lodge Dolphin. It was decided by the General Committee that they be used on special occasions such as Installations.

Lodge Dolphin was launched on the World Wide Web in November 2005 when the Right Worshipful Master Brother Thomas Stewart purchased a Lodge Dolphin web site 'www.thedolphinlodge.co.uk'. Brother Robert Sneddon went on to develop and support the web site for many years thereafter. Brother Thomas Shanks was awarded the Provincial Grand Rank of Honorary Provincial Grand Treasurer by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire in January 2006 in recognition of his outstanding service in the role of Lodge Treasurer and Bar Convener over many years.

The period 2005 - 2007 was very much a time of consolidation of the Lodge finances and of improving the general well-being of the Lodge under the stewardship of Right Worshipful Master Brother Thomas Stewart. Many additional fund-raising functions were organised. The number attending the Lodge continued to grow. Brother Stewart went on to do an extra third year as Master at a time when a new Master was not forthcoming. This had not happened since the very early years of the Lodge at the beginning of the twentieth century. Significant events in the early second century of the Lodge took place in the year 2007. The annual Children's Christmas Party had to be discontinued due to a fall in the numbers of eligible children and a decline in interest. Roof leaks, as a result of wind damage, once again plagued the Lodge. Brother Harry Malcolm P.M. was commissioned as Substitute Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire. The railings atop the front boundary wall of the property that had been missing for more than thirty years were restored to their original as-built condition by Brother Victor MacGrain and Brother David Coventry P.M. A wheelchair ramp was added to the front access path of the property in 2007. Brother James Hayworth gave up the Office of Organist after twenty-eight years in that post. This left the Lodge depending on the goodwill of brethren from Sister Lodges. A friendship was struck up with a number of brethren of Lodge Caer Urfa (EC), South Shields who made regular visits to Lodge meetings and functions. Past Master John Jamieson was presented with a 50 years Jubilee Certificate. The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 came into effect so requiring the premises to take out a new bar licence and bar staff to be formally trained in the Act.

Brother David Coventry P.M. became only the second Master of the Lodge to assume the Chair for a second term in 2008. Brother Alexander Mitchell P.M., the first Master of the Lodge, also assumed the Chair for a second time when he covered the Great War years 1914 - 1917. Brother Coventry would go on to occupy the Chair for a period of three years until 2010. Major repairs to the front club-skews and flashings of the building were effected in 2008 through the generosity of local businesses and the hard work of a few dedicated members of the Lodge. A 50 years Jubilee certificate was presented to Brother Peter Leckie P.M. in this year. Sadly, Brother Leckie was to pass away in December of that year after a short illness.

A Lodge History covering the first one hundred years was compiled in 2009 and duly posted on the Lodge Web Site. The Lodge finally appointed an Almoner for the first time in many years when Brother Bill McIntyre took up the Office in December. Brother Harry Malcolm P.M. was awarded the Honorary Grand Rank of Junior Deacon to mark his distinguished service to the Craft in the same month. On the down side the numbers attending the Senior Members Dinner continued to decline. The eleventh decade ended on another sad note with the death of Brother Robert Finlay P.M. who had been Secretary of the Lodge for many years and of great assistance in revising the Lodge Ritual. A decline in the numbers attending the Lodge began to unfold as peoples' social habits changed and the country faced economic depression and unemployment levels started to rise.

A regular successor to the Chair was not available when Brother John B. Muir P.M. also agreed to become Master of the Lodge for a second term (2010 - 2012). Brother Sandy Thomson P.M. was commissioned as Provincial Grand Secretary of the Province of Stirlingshire in 2010. Yet another Past Master in the person of Brother Daniel Holmes P.M. received his 50 years Jubilee Certificate in early 2011. This was followed by the same award being presented to Brother Alexander Crosbie P.M. later that year. It was a time of awards for many Lodge Dolphin members and Brother James Hayworth was another such person when he received the Honorary Grand Rank of Organist in early 2012. Brother Jim had played the organ in Lodge Dolphin for twenty-eight years before going on to affiliate to Lodge Carron No. 139 in 2007. Talking of awards, Lodge Dolphin won the Western District Christison Masonic Bowls Trophy, Lodge Dolphin Friendship Trophy and Eastern District Masonic Bowls Trophy in the summer recess of 2011. The Lodge was however less successful in 2012 but did manage to retain the Christison Trophy despite only being able to field three rinks. Sadly, bowler numbers were so depleted in 2012 that the Pearson Bowls Trophy had to be discontinued meantime.   The summer of 2012 saw a number of Office-bearers embark on an initiative to modernise and smarten up the premises. The Ladies toilets were totally refurbished with new fitments put in place. The Temple was totally redecorated in warmer colours. Lighter colours were also used in the painting of the access hallway. Much needed tidying up of the furniture store and bar cellar was completed. Extensive roof works were undertaken. One or two minor leaks were difficult to pin-point and resolve. Brother Michael Grover P.M. was made an honorary member of Lodge St. James Doune No. 171 in recognition of his services to that Lodge and to the North East Corner Charity Masons Group chaired by the master of that Lodge. The presentation was made at a visitation by Lodge Dolphin to Doune to carry out the Second Degree ceremonial on Thursday 20 September 2012. It is interesting to recall that a brother of this Lodge was a founder Office-bearer of Lodge Dolphin. The friendship struck up between brother Michael Grover P.M. and brother Norman Dunn P.M. Caer Urfa Lodge No. 4345 (E.C.), South Shields blossomed into a visit by Lodge Dolphin to work a demonstration Master Mason degree on 05 October 2012. Some twenty one brethren and friends of the Lodge made the trip to receive a rapturous welcome and to enjoy fine hospitality. Brother Ross Hardie, Depute Master, graciously donated a Past Master's honours board to the Lodge in 2012 to compliment the refurbished gallery of photographs already displayed. December 2012 saw the death of Brother James Stewart Denny P.M. who passed away suddenly exactly two weeks after his beloved wife Ellen. Both Brother Jim and Ellen gave tremendous support to the Lodge in the nineteen eighties and nineties at a time when the Lodge needed everyone to pull together.

After a period of five years from 2007 to 2012 a new Master, who was not a Past Master, was installed in December 2012 when Brother Craig Lamont took the Chair. Indeed  neither the Master nor the two Wardens of the Lodge were Past Masters. Importantly, they were also relatively younger indicating that a time of rejuvenation for the Lodge was to follow. The age of the tribute act such as Elvis and Rod Stewart was upon us when fund-raising ventures were being planned. Lodge Caer Urfa No. 4345, South Shields visited Lodge Dolphin to carry out a demonstration First Degree in June 2013. This is believed to be the first time that an English Lodge had worked in Lodge Dolphin. Brother John Galloway, a member of Lodge St. John Falkirk No. 16, was made an honorary member of the Lodge in November 2013 as recognition of his support to the Lodge over many years in playing the organ at meetings and so adding to the dignity of the ceremonials.

Brother Ross Hardie Depute Master was made an honorary member of Cumbernauld St. Andrew's Lodge No. 199 on 12 March 2014 in recognition of his support and services to that Lodge over many years. Cumbernauld was also the destination of Lodge Dolphin on 01 May 2014 when RWM Brother Craig Lamont led a fine deputation to Lodge Kyle Kildrum No. 1602 to work a First Degree. This was the first time that the Lodge had visited Kyle Kildrum since 1987 as a result of that Lodge switching its Regular Meetings from Friday to the same Thursday evenings as Lodge Dolphin.

A major upgrade and modernisation of the Gents toilets was carried out in August 2014.

The year 2014 was significant to the Country insofar as it represented the centenary of the start of World War One. This occasion was to be marked by the whole nation in many ways. A special commemoration service was held by the residents of the village of Bonnybridge at the War Memorial on Sunday 09 November 2014. Lodge Dolphin was well represented by the many members of the Lodge who were in attendance that day.

The War Office released records of the fallen in the Great War in 2014 giving historians and others the opportunity to trace individual soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Details of the following brethren were ratified through a search of the national archives:

Lest We Forget

Brother William Chalmers

Private 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders Killed in France 01 July 1916

Brother Daniel Holmes

Driver Royal Field Artillery Killed in Italy 12 November 1918

Brother Archie Martin

Private 5th Battalion Cameron Highlanders Killed in France 21 March 1918

Brother James Mitchell

2nd Corporal Royal Engineers Killed in France 31 October 1918

Brother James Mitchell

Private 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment Killed in Belgium 12 March 1919

Brother Peter McAuslin

Private 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Killed in Greece 01 October 1916

Brother James Porteous

Private 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders Killed in Belgium 26 April 1915

Brother Robert Stewart

Private 18th Battalion Highland Light Infantry Killed in France 13 August 1917

The Lodge Roll Book suggests that the following brethren were also killed in action:

Brother Alex Campbell

Brother Adam Howieson

Brother Harry Stirling

The Lodge Roll of Honour shows that a total of seventy brethren of Lodge Dolphin went to war in the service of their country.

WE will remember them


The General Committee of the Lodge set up a small Sub-Committee to organise the raising of funds for the forthcoming 125th Anniversary in 2025 and to mark the 100th year of occupation of the Temple at 53 Wellpark Terrace in 2024.

A son of the village was installed as Master of the Lodge on 18 December 2014 when Brother Ross Hardie assumed the Chair.

February 2015 saw Brother Michael Grover P.M. retire as Senior Provincial Grand Warden.

Brother Andrew A. McKinnon RWPGM was made an Honorary Member of Lodge Dolphin No. 911 on Thursday 05 March 2015.

Brother Sandy Thomson P.M. was again commissioned as an Office-bearer of Provincial Grand Lodge when the incoming RWPGM Brother Alistair T. Marshall appointed him as Substitute Provincial Grand Master and he was installed on 20 June 2015. He had served as Provincial Grand Secretary from 2010 to 2015.

Saturday 22 August 2015 saw the 225th Anniversary Re-dedication Ceremony of neighbours Lodge St. Andrew (Denny & Loanhead) No. 176. The ceremony was carried out by members of Provincial Grand Lodge led by RWPGM Brother Alistair T. Marshall. Brother Ross Hardie RWM was honoured to give the toast to the Lodge at the Dinner to follow the ceremony.

The summer of 2015 saw the décor of the bar Lounge being freshened, repairs to various areas of rendering being done and a number of leaks to the roof being fixed.

A number of brethren struck up a friendship with members of Lodge St. John Crossgates No. 540, Fife in 2014. This culminated in Lodge Dolphin being invited to carry out the Fellowcraft Degree in that Lodge for the first time in April 2016.

Brother James Jones master mason of Lodge Alexandra No. 1282 was awarded honorary membership of the Lodge by R.W.M. Brother Ross Hardie on 21 April 2016. Brother Jones had carried out a number of services to the Lodge, regularly attended the Lodge and indeed accompanied the Lodge members on many visitations.

The Lodge held a special charity Mark Degree at 2.00 pm on Saturday 11 June 2016 when the ceremony was performed by a team from the Mark Wright Memorial Fund. This Fund was established to remember Brother Mark Wright who lost his life in the service of his country in Afghanistan. His bravery in defence of his colleagues resulted in him being posthumously awarded the George Cross. All proceeds were donated to organisations who support ex-service personnel and their families. The fine sum of £1,500.00 was amassed on the day. Representatives of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire were in attendance. The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Alistair T. Marshall took delight in conferring the Honorary Provincial Grand Rank of Grand Director of Ceremonies upon Brother Daniel Holmes P.M. of Lodge Dolphin  No. 911 during the occasion.

The Lodge was once again visited by the "Grim Reaper" on Saturday 23 July 2016. Brother John (Ian) Jamieson P.M. sadly passed away at the age of 82 years. Brother Ian was master of the Lodge from 1972 to 1974.

A major refurbishment of the bar was carried out during the summer recess of 2016. This followed on from extensive repairs to the club-skew and roof of the north gable of the temple earlier in the Spring of the same year. Brother Ross Hardie RWM played a lead role in organising this work.

It was with great sadness that the members of the Lodge learned of the death of Mrs Flora Shanks on Saturday 03 December 2016 aged 72 years. Flora had not enjoyed good health for a number of years prior to her passing.

Mrs Flora Shanks was keen to support her husband Brother Thomas Shanks when he took Office in the Lodge in the early nineteen eighties and became a member of the Ladies Committee. She made a valuable contribution to the work of the Committee over many years. Eventually she was to become Committee Treasurer and was one of only two of the original ladies still actively sustaining the work of the Ladies Committee by the year 2000.

Flora also became the Lodge booking agent for Lodge functions and hall lets. She managed the weekly Lodge Bingo sessions providing additional revenue to the Lodge. Many prize bingo nights were organised by her so raising money on behalf of charitable causes. The Lodge in turn received recognition and credit.

The brethren of the Lodge enjoyed, on countless occasions, the catering prowess of Mrs Shanks. It could be at the Annual Dance, Burns Supper, Senior Members Dinner or a private function. She had her own unique way of providing the best quality food at affordable prices while getting the quantity right irrespective of the numbers attending. She was an outstanding servant to the Lodge.

The Lodge had once again to resort to a Past Master to take the Chair in December 2016. Unfortunately the Master Elect withdrew from taking the Office due to personal reasons. Brother William Stewart Jeffray PM very kindly agreed once again to assume the Chair some twenty-two years after his first time as Master.

A major change in the administrative team of the Lodge also occurred in December 2016 when Brother Thomas Shanks, Treasurer and Brother Sandy Thomson PM Secretary relinquished their respective Offices. Brother Shanks had been Treasurer for thirty-one years from 1985 and Brother Thomson had been Secretary for 12 years from 2004. Brother Shanks had also been Bar Convenor and bar person for twenty-five of those years. This was a truly remarkable record of service to his Mother Lodge.

Brother Thomas Stark Shanks was awarded a Distinguished Service Certificate by the Lodge in recognition of his outstanding service his Lodge and the Craft on 01 December 2016 in the presence of the RWPGM Brother Alistair T. Marshall.

Yet another Past Master of the Lodge was taken from us on 06 April 2017. Brother David Coventry P.M. passed to the Grand Lodge above at the age of 80 years after a short illness. Brother David served two terms as RWM from 1988 to 1990 and again from 2007 to 2010.

Tuesday 09 May 2017 heralded the passing of yet another well-loved Past Master of the Lodge in the person of Brother Henry (Harry) Cruikshank Malcolm P.M. at the age of 77 years. Brother Harry was Master of the Lodge from 1986 - 1988 and also served as Lodge Secretary from 2000 - 2004. He was a Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire and held the Honorary Grand Rank of Grand Junior Deacon. He was also a Past Senior Provincial Grand Warden. Brother Malcolm was a member of the 18th and 30th Degrees and a Member of the Royal Order of Scotland. Harry organised and ran the Dolphin "Tote" for many years in the nineteen seventies and eighties when the Lodge was in need of funds. Sadly, Brother Harry did not enjoy the best of health for a number of years prior to his death.

The RWM Brother Stewart Jeffray and a fine contingent of members and friends visited Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067 on 18 May 2017 where they carried out an Entered Apprentice degree. This was the first time that Lodge Dolphin had worked in that Lodge.

Lodge Dolphin took its turn to host the Provincial Grand Lodge Charity Bowling Tournament 2017. The Competition was held at Bonnybridge Bowling Club on Sunday 13 August. A team of four from the Lodge ran out the winners of the trophy. Some £2,000.00 was raised as a result of the competition with nomination rights falling to the Lodge. It was decided to nominate four deserving causes within the village of Bonnybridge. the Lodge felt that it wanted to become more involved in the activities of the village. The Driving Force, Greenhill Historical Society, Bonnybridge Youth Football Club and Bonnybridge Gala Committee were each delighted to receive a cheque for £500.00 from Provincial Grand Lodge. 

It was with great sadness that the Lodge lost its third Past Master in 2017. Brother Harry R.G. Lamont passed to the Grand Lodge above on 28 November 2017. Brother Harry had been in declining health for some time. He occupied the chair of the Lodge from 1996 to 1998.

Further repair works to the roof of the Lodge in the bar cellar area took place in the summer of 2018.

A major upgrade of the Lodge heating system was carried out in October 2018.

The Lodge played a major part in the service held at the cenotaph in Bonnybridge in November 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. A specially designed wrought iron bench to commemorate the fallen was sponsored and erected by the Lodge.

Brother William Stewart Jeffray P.M. relinquished the Chair of the Lodge in December 2018 in favour of Brother David John Morris. Brother Jeffray had been a prolific visitor to a host of Sister Lodges across Scotland in his second period of two years as Master of the Lodge. This had resulted in many new visitors being introduced to the Lodge. A number of significant repairs and improvements to the Lodge property had been carried out during this period.